Meet Toby, William and Lily, the real life dogs that inspired Michael while writing Three Dog Fright!

Michael K. Mancha, born and raised in California, has spent the past fifteen years as a resident of the Deep South, writing and working as a private investigator. He is the author of THREE DOG FRIGHT: The Savannah Ghost Chronicles, and CITIZEN WARRIOR: The Spirit World Battle for the Soul of Your City. Michael is co-founder of 13th Colony Patriots, a political action group based in Savannah, Georgia, that has drawn national attention while engaged in timely protests in Washington, D.C.  As a former missionary, Michael led relief teams to various parts of the world, including the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Asia. It is from this palette of first-hand experience his writings are conceived.

Toby is a runty, pet shop dog who will steal your heart.  While he is small in stature, he is mighty in spirit.  He is tenacious and hopes to become a real boy some day.

William is gentle, sensitive and regal in his demeanor.  His beard is his glory!  While his phobias are a bit odd, they won't keep him from defending those in need.

​​Lily is the consummate mother figure She's always ready with words of wisdom and offers much needed guidance to the boys.  Her words should always be heeded.